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How to make eyes look happy and rested

I receive a lot of questions from patients about how to make their eyes look more “happy” and more rested. A lot of patients find that with raising children, working, and just as time goes by, their eyes don’t look “happy.”

How to make eyes look happy

Every patient is different and each patient’s unique anatomy is important to consider, but in general, the eyes and the area surrounding the eyes gives a way a lot about our mood, state of rest, and overall health.

There are several ways to improve “tired” and “unhappy eyes.” In many patients, the issue is the upper eyelids. The lids have become a little droopy, or there is some extra skin weighing the eyelids down. Treating some of this excess skin via blepharoplasty or gently tightening the muscle that opens the eyes with minimally invasive ptosis repair can help significantly with the upper eyelids.

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In other patients, the issue is the lower eyelids. In some cases there is excess skin or wrinkles, in others that are “bags” under the eyes. Additionally, sometimes the outer corner of the eyelids is no longer a tight angle and rather the lower eyelid is sagging a little bit. All of these issues can be improved with a variety of minimally invasive options.

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As an oculoplastic surgeon, my focus is on the eyes and the parts of the face around the eyes. I see patients every day in my office with a variety of different eyelid issues and I am happy to offer customized approaches to address each of these particular problems.

If you feel your eyes just don’t look happy or rested anymore, consider coming in for a consultation so we can discuss options to improve things. I would say the most common thing that patients tell me after we improve their eyes is “I just wish I had done this sooner.”

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