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How to minimize bruising and swelling after eyelid surgery--technique matters!

Dr. Vrcek recently published an article in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery describing his technique for minimizing bruising and swelling at the time of eyelid surgery.

Decrease bruising after eyelid surgery

Dr. Vrcek is committed to providing minimally invasive options and uses techniques that decrease downtime and allow his patients to return to their lives as soon as possible. This article describes how Dr. Vrcek uses the smallest needle commercially available to deliver local anesthetic at the time of surgery and uses a special mixture of long- and short- acting anesthetics to keep patients completely comfortable during and after surgery. In addition, Dr. Vrcek uses a special enzyme that allows the anesthetic to permeate the area of surgery easily with one injection site. This decreases the risk of bruising and swelling significantly.

Minimize bruising after eyelid surgery

Dr. Vrcek publishes several scientific and surgical technique papers every year to continue to contribute to the field of oculoplastic surgery. He also lectures and presents his techniques at national and international meetings and will be doing so this November in New Orleans at the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Symposium, as well as the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery meeting in February.

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