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Minimally Invasive and Image Guided Orbit Surgery

Dallas Orbit Surgeon

The eye socket, or orbit, is a relatively small area with many important structures. There is the eye of course, as well as the six muscles that move the eye. There are also several important nerves that control eye movement, tear production, sensation on the surface of the eye, and pupil size. Finally, there are several important blood vessels that supply the critical structures in the orbit.

Best oculoplastic surgeon Dallas

There are several reasons a person might require orbit surgery. The most common reasons are thyroid eye disease (Graves'), tumors in the orbit, a need for an orbital biopsy, and reconstruction after trauma.

Minimally invasive oculoplastic surgery

Dr. Vrcek uses the most modern and minimally invasive techniques including image guidance and small incision surgery to perform surgery in the orbit. These techniques allow for minimal downtime while still achieving the goals of surgery.

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