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How to improve wrinkles around the eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes come in a variety of different forms. In some patients, dynamic lines result in creases and wrinkles when squinting, smiling, and animating the face. These dynamic lines can be improved by botox injections.

Dallas eyelid specialist

Over time, these dynamic lines can become static lines, which are deeper creases and wrinkles that are present even at rest and when the face is not moving. These lines can best be treated with resurfacing, such as with TCA peels or fractional C02 laser.

Dallas laser resurfacing

In some patients, there is excess skin that is contributing to these lines, and in these cases, minimally invasive surgery can help to remove some of this extra skin and improve the wrinkles.

This patient had both minimally invasive surgery to remove some skin, as well as resurfacing to decrease wrinkles.

How to remove eyelid wrinkles

Dr. Vrcek offers all of the above treatments and often combines different modalities to help his patients achieve their goals.

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