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Asian Eyelid

Every Eyelid Is Unique

As an eyelid specialist, Dr. Vrcek has performed thousands of eyelid surgeries on a wide variety of patients from many different ethnic backgrounds.

Dr. Vrcek believes it is crucial to understand ethnic differences between Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, and African eyelid configurations. Indeed, even within these groups there are important differences.

Dr. Vrcek's attention to detail and commitment to listening to his patients is central in his ability to achieve results that leave patients feeling confident, beautiful, and pleased with their natural results.

Best Asian Eyelid Surgery

The above patient is pictured before and 3 months after upper and lower eyelid blpehaorplasty with chemical peel. Her goals were to reduce the extra skin and multiple folds in the upper eyelids as well as the "bags" in the lower eyelids, all while preserving her natural Asian eyelid anatomy.

Eyelid Love Roll Asian

This young lady had Graves' disease and underwent orbital decompression with upper and lower eyelid retraction repair. In many Asian cultures, the presence of an orbicularis roll in the lower eyelid region, often called a "Love Roll" is a desirable aesthetic trait. In the patient, it was critical to retain the Love Roll. We were also able to improve symmetry in the upper eyelid creases

Asian Eyelid Surgery

This Asian patient wanted to improve symmetry in her upper eyelids and noticed the right side drooping more than the left. She underwent minimally invasive ptosis repair to restore and improve eyelid symmetry while still retaining the natural shape of her eyes.

African American Eyelid Surgery

This African American patient wanted to improve the heaviness and puffiness in her upper eyelids. She is loving her natural results just 3 months after surgery.

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