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Ptosis Repair

  • A tiny muscle in the upper eyelid is gently tightened to open "droopy" eyelids

  • Outpatient surgery with rapid recovery

  • Can improve a "tired" appearance and provide a more "rested" or "happy" look

  • Also called an eyelid lift

Best eylid surgeon dallas

This patient was tired of people asking her if she was tired. She underwent minimally invasive upper eyelid ptosis repair and was very pleased with the results.

Best Eyelid Surgeon Dallas
Dallas eyelid lift

This patient noticed her upper eyelids drooping and interfering with her vision. She underwent ptosis repair covered by her insurance. She elected not to have lower eyelid surgery

Best eyelid surgeon dallas
Dallas Eyelid Lift

This Hispanic patient noticed that her upper eyelids were "crowding" her eyes and requested surgery that would keep her looking natural and Hispanic, but with a more "open" look. She underwent both upper eyelid blepharoplasty and ptosis repair.

Dallas eyelid lift

This patient was tired of looking "tired" and requested a more "bright-eyed" appearance. She underwent minimally invasive upper eyelid ptosis repair.

Dallas ptosis surgery


Dallas droopy eyelid surgery


This man noticed his eyelids drooping in a corporate photo and felt that clients were noticing his "tired" eyes. He underwent ptosis repair, covered by insurance, and was very pleased with the results. He mentioned that his wife was also very pleased with the improvement.

Best Dallas Eye Plastic Surgeon
Before and after

Learn More About Ptosis Repair

Droopy eyelids can cause a “tired” and “sad” look. They can also interfere with vision. Dr. Vrcek offers several solutions for ptosis depending on the particular patient’s anatomy and goals. In fact, Dr. Vrcek is pleased to offer an “incisionless” ptosis repair in which no skin incision is required. This technique allows patients to return to their lives sooner and with less bruising and swelling than more traditional techniques. 
Dr. Vrcek is an expert in ptosis surgery and has presented his techniques at national and international meetings across the country.

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