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Minimally Invasive "Incisionless" Ptosis Repair

Upper eyelid ptosis, also known as a droopy upper eyelid, can be repaired in several different ways.

Dallas Eyelid Surgeon

In some cases, a patient may particularly benefit from a minimally invasive approach in which no skin incision is required. This has the advantage of less bruising, decreased swelling, and minimal downtime. Not every patient is an ideal candidate; however, most patients are. There is a simple and painless test that can be performed in the office to help make this determination.

The technique itself involves accessing the eyelid muscles from the back side of the eyelid so as to avoid a skin incision. The tiny muscle that helps to open the eye is then gently tightened to help open the eye. The result is a natural appearing eyelid that is no longer "droopy."

Dallas Eyelid Surgeon

Dr Vrcek is happy to offer this type of ptosis repair to his patients. In fact, this type of ptosis surgery, and the muscle involved, is a particular interest of Dr. Vrcek. He has presented this technique at national and international meetings and has taught it to many other surgeons across the country.

Dallas eyelid surgeon

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